Sundar Pichai, Alphabet's New CEO, Now Sole Target on Google Regulatory Battles

Alphabet's new chief executive, Sundar Pichai, will have a hot seat all his own as regulators around the world investigate the company, US politicians demand that it be broken up, and President Donald Trump accuses it of aiding his rivals.

Pichai, who has been CEO of Alphabet's Google for four years now, was named to the additional post of CEO Alphabet On Tuesday, making him the public face of a company long associated with co-founders Larry Page and Sergey BrinGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Page and Brin relinquished their roles as Alphabet CEO and President, respectively, saying it was time for them to step aside.

When Page declined to show up for a Senate hearing in Washington last year, senators left an empty chair next to top officers Twitter and FacebookGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Google leaders have acknowledged that there was a embarrassing gaffe for the company. Other lawmakers also have no avail-seeking answers from strategic decisions on the page.

The departure was two years ago by the Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, who had helped maintain the company in Washington, has also left a hole.

Alphabet shareholder King Lip, chief investment strategist at Baker Avenue Asset Management in San Francisco, said the company was transforming and facing a new set of issues including political attacks and regulatory scrutiny. "Pichai is uniquely suited to address his overall affable attitude," Lip said by email.

Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, is seen as the standard for Silicon Valley success with the US president, having regular, cordial meetings with Trump.

Trump has repeatedly taken aim at US technology companies, including Google, at times that they have discriminated against him and fellow conservatives, without offering any evidence.

Pichai himself met with Trump in March and July. "Meeting ended very well!" Trump tweeted in March. In August he adopted a different tone.

He said Pichai was "working in the Oval Office very hard to explain how much he liked it, what a great job the administration is doing, that Google was not involved with China's military, that they didn't help Crooked Hillary over me. 2016 Election. " Trump has accused Google of interfering in elections to favor his 2016 Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, though he has offered no evidence, and no formal charges.

A White House spokesman declined comment on Pichai's new job on Tuesday.

Pichai has also met on several occasions with Republican lawmaker critics to answer questions, and has since been testified before Congress.

In October, Pichai announced a new job training program with White House adviser Ivanka Trump in Texas. He has repeatedly met with lawmakers and testified before congressional committees spurned a request to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in September 2018.

Probes in Google are coming from both sides of the political aisle, as well as from other countries.

Google faces antitrust probes from the Justice Department and nearly all 50 US state attorneys general. The company is among four tech giants under an antitrust probe by the Democratically controlled Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives. Last week Reuters reported that European Union antitrust regulators were seeking details of Google's data collection practices, followed by multiple EU fines.

Only last week, Trump's reelection campaign and several Republican campaign committees criticized Google's decision to limit political advertising, saying the "latest arbitrary rule changes are a blatant attempt to suppress voter information, knowledge, and engagement in the 2020 election." The groups argue "Google is stifling the ability of citizens to become our democracy."

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